From a session this morning with one of my business coaching clients: When you're feeling overwhelmed with a long list of to do's, this might help.

FIRST OF ALL: Change your language from "I NEED to get this done" to "I WANT to get this done". Using the word "need" in this way produces unnecessary anxiety. The only things you NEED are the basic human necessities, anything else is a want. Remove the anxiety.

Write a list of all the tasks you intend to accomplish, then re-write the tasks into three separate groups.

1. Do It Now. These are the items on your list that can be done in 5 minutes or less. Do them now. You'll be amazed at how much stuff gets done in a really short amount of time. Almost-instant stress reliever.

2. Schedule It. Write each item into a date and time in your calendar as if they are an appointment. Then do them at that date and time. Automatic win.

3. Batch It. Group similar items together to complete in a small chunk of time. If you have two hours available and you have 15 similar tasks to do, do them all in this time frame. For example: I write and design Facebook posts for the upcoming month in one day, then schedule them to post automatically throughout the month. Also, I have weekly emails that go out to my list--I write these in one chunk of time and schedule them to send automatically through the month. This saves me a ton of time and stress. Plus, it's so much harder to get the momentum going if I have to stop and start all month long with the same tasks.

Next, throw away your list. You don't need it now, because you just completed several small tasks, you scheduled some others, and the rest you'll be finishing up in one sitting.

A final tip: Set a timer. This will help you focus and be efficient in getting stuff done. It will also help you see that most things don't take as long as you think they do (especially when you aren't getting sidetracked every 5 seconds).

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