Is there someone in your life you tend to feel annoyed, frustrated, angry with, or hurt by on a somewhat regular basis?

Do you blame them for a lot of the hard things in your relationship?

I've done that too, for several years in fact. I just recently had an epiphany: The only cause of my pain and stress is not the other person at all, ever. It feels bad because I have given away my power, which makes me feel small.

But guess what? My thinking, "you make me feel small" and "you make me feel bad" is all wrong. This is ass backwards thinking, which will trap you in a victim mindset, which feels even worse. You are not a victim. I am not a victim. We are very powerful human beings who sometimes forgets that truth.

What does giving away your power look like exactly? It looks like pointing fingers, blame, and anger. It's 100% not taking personal responsibility for yourself, your choices, and the part you played and participated in (willingly, may I remind you and myself).

If you are feeling like a victim in a relationship, pointing your finger of blame at the other person, now might be a good time for you to make some serious adjustments in yourself. I would start with your THINKING and HOW YOU REACT AND RESPOND, which is where I'm starting.
*Please note: None of this applies if you are being physically hurt by another person. Get yourself out of that situation ASAP.

Here is what I plan on learning more about, along with my booklist. Feel free to shop and read with me! I will be discussing points learned as I go. I hope you'll follow along.

1) Emotional Intelligence 2.0 
2) The Assertiveness Guide for Women
3) I Hear You
4) The Gratitude Jar
5) The Art of Possibility (this is my #1 favorite book of all time that I will be re-reading)